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Al Bayan Al-Arabi Real Estate has had a major impact on the Muscat’s real estate development industry since 2005. The company has an extensive history of successful development and acquisition of properties in office, retail, residential, and land development.

The company has professionals in all facets of the development process including construction, project management, land planning, legal, property management, leasing, and project finance. The Company has developed some of the most highly recognized and successful projects in the entire metropolitan region.

At Al Bayan Al-Arabi, the focus has always been on land and its uses: studying it, acquiring it and knowing what and when to build on it. 

The future potential of Al Bayan Al-Arabi Real Estate is evidenced by its performance for future development, which will allow the Company to continue to pursue a wide range of development opportunities throughout the region for years to come.

Creative thinking, long term planning, and quality service have led this company in terms of our success.